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Without printing, the art preservative of all arts, there would be
little need for, nor the ability to produce, postage stamps.  These
fascinating little “posters,” often works of art in their own right,
reflect nearly every subject you can think of, and literally
thousands are related to the history of graphic communications.
Are you connected with the graphic arts or communications?  
Then we have a hobby for you—stamp collecting! Or, are you a
stamp collector not involved in the graphic arts?  Then please
consider the history of graphic communications as represented on
the stamps of the world as a topic to collect.  Graphic
communications in its broadest scope, can include such topics as
primitive records; manuscript books and illuminations; the
histories of papyrus, parchment and paper; Gutenberg and other
notable printers and printing houses; printing presses and related
equipment and processes; stamp design and production;
newspapers and periodicals; and many more.  Check the topics
Gallery on the list on this page, then check out the sample
stamps under each topic.  You may be pleasantly surprised!
Stamp collecting can be simply an enjoyable pastime or a real
challenge.  You can collect stamps all by yourself, or you can
communicate with others who share your interests.
Let us tell you how you can expand your horizons as a member of
the Graphics Philately Association (GPA).

             The GPA:  What is it?

The Graphics Philately Association is an informal, non-profit
organization of people who have a mutual interest in the history of
graphic communications as represented on stamps and other
philatelic materials.
Some of the members of the Association are professionals in the
fields represented by this topic, some are hobbyists.  Others are
involved not at all in those fields except for an interest in the
stamps that illustrate them.

What are the Purposes of the GPA?

The GPA promotes:
  • The collection and study of all philatelic material that
    pertains to the topic of graphic communications;
  • The study of graphic communications in general as
    represented philatelically;
  • The study of the various techniques and processes used in
    the production of stamps and postal stationery;
  • The sharing among members of any available information
    on these subjects.

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